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From marketing and sales execution to data modeling, fundraising, and recruiting, Companyon is a force-multiplier on founders looking to execute their way to an outsized Series A or B.

Claim Your Unfair Advantage

We invest in seed-funded B2B software companies that are ready to build the machinery to accelerate capital-efficient growth. Helping startups transition from founder-led growth to team and process-led growth is our wheelhouse.

At your direction, our team gets in the trenches with you to help strategize and execute when and where you need it most. Companyon is 100% focused and dedicated to the post-seed phase. Our job is to get your startup on an accelerated path to $10M ARR.

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How will you know when you're ready?

With a focus on post-seed capital-efficient B2B technology startups, we lead rounds of $2M-$6M with $1M-$2.5M checks to speed up your journey to an outsized Series A or B.

Solution / Product

You have built a disruptive software product critical to your customers with a sustainable market advantage.


You’re a B2B software startup and you’re not a B2C, Healthcare IT, Biotech, or Hardware company.

Post-Seed Traction

You have at least $1M in ARR, and multiple customers that have renewed their annual contracts.


You’re based in North America or have a majority of revenue from U.S. customers.

Capital Raise

You’re raising $2M - $6M in a priced equity round (we don’t invest in SAFEs or convertible notes).

Investment Goals

12-24 months of cash runway to build evidence of scalable, repeatable, and blistering growth.


Why Companyon?

We Only Invest in B2B Startups in The Early Expansion Stage

We only fund post-seed B2B software startups crossing the chasm from product-market fit to go-to-market fit. This is all we do and we’ve built a team, community, resources, and playbooks tailored to this stage, purpose-built to address the very unique challenges that accompany it.

We're Highly Selective

We invest in 3-5 companies per year. When Companyon invests in your company, you’re joining an elite community. That’s why we have the time and attention to jumpstart your GTM execution.

We Provide An Immersive Operational Experience

There are countless startup blogs that describe how to scale a B2B SaaS business. We deliver a team of experts to put the best playbooks and tools into practice inside of your company, in your market, serving your customers, so you can see firsthand how it all gets done at an elite level.

We Curate and Qualify Series A / B VCs and Venture Debt Providers

After you've built the GTM operations, team, and have the metrics that Expansion-Stage VCs will clamor over, you'll need to raise follow-on capital to fuel your continued growth. We're one of the few VCs at our stage with a dedicated team member who will curate, qualify, and introduce you to the top VCs and venture debt providers. That means you can focus on running your business, not blindly emailing VCs and taking fruitless investor meetings.


A Diverse Team With a Wealth of Experience

We’re a team of seasoned and successful B2B software entrepreneurs and investors who can offer your company diverse perspectives. We know what startups like yours need to grow, and we have the experience to prove it.

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Are you a post-seed B2B startup who has found product-market-fit and is ready to enter the expansion zone? We’d love to chat with you.