Make GTM Execution Your Competitive Moat

Ready to deliver the evidence? You’re past the seed stage with a great product and early customer traction. You have a short window to prove that your company can scale quickly and efficiently. Do you have the best growth tools and playbooks in place?

Meet Your Unfair Advantage

We’ll work alongside you to invest time and resources into building a next-level go-to-market infrastructure, giving you access to a team of experts who provide hands-on guidance and know-how during the entire experience.

Get More Than Just a Cup of Coffee with our Venture Partners.

Our Venture Partners have founded and scaled their companies, built winning teams, experienced big outcomes, and learned painful lessons. They have proven strategies and a rich network of connections at their disposal—and they’re ready to share it all with you.


Meet Your Team of Go-to-Market Superheroes.

The Companyon Expansion Team are SaaS GTM practitioners who know how to generate leads, close deals, and help you control your future through data-informed decisions. They are ready with the playbooks you need to get your revenue machinery humming like you’ve never seen before.


We Help You Execute Really.

Accelerate Your GTM

Through a battle-tested process, our team of experts will help you discover your highest impact opportunities for GTM acceleration and then get to work.

Execute with Confidence

Once you have the GTM tools and playbooks in place along with the team to drive them, revenue growth no longer stops when the founder sleeps. You’ll feel the momentum build and your confidence grow as you see the playbooks put to work.

Raise Your Outsized Series A and B

When your GTM execution results in blistering growth with the metrics to prove it, you’ll have a steady flow of top VCs competing to lead your next round. Did we mention that we have a dedicated fundraising team to lead that effort with you?


How it all Really Works

Growth Marketing

Accelerate Your Go-To-Market Growth

We’re dedicated to helping you forge your startup’s path for growth. That’s why we connect you with the perfect resources to help you attract the right customers through revamping your brand, nailing your messaging and positioning and scaling your lead generation engine.

Customer Segmentation

It’s time to narrow your focus. Use data analytics combined with qualitative insights to find the common characteristics of your most (and least) profitable customers. Use the segmentation to refine customer personas, target your marketing, and focus your sales team for the most efficient growth.

Customer Persona Development

Highly tuned B2B demand generation campaigns need messaging and positioning that resonates with the buyer and influencer personas in your target market. Whether it’s a single persona for SMBs or multiple personas for a complicated enterprise account, capturing who your customer personas are and what drives them to buy is essential for successful campaigns.

Messaging & Positioning

Stop pitching features and stats. Take a structured approach to develop your company’s messaging and positioning that differentiates you and resonates with your customer personas, prospective employees, investors, and media. Your messaging and positioning feeds your website, marketing campaigns, sales scripts, job postings, and pretty much everything you present to the world.

Demand Generation Strategy

Ramp up your lead machine and build your foundation for growth. We’ll leverage your existing assets to drive top-of-funnel from day 1 while developing your brand messaging, tuning your website, and building your demand generation engine. We can help explore and optimize demand generation channels including outbound, paid social, organic search, events, and even B2B SaaS channels such as G2 and Capterra.

Tools Selection & Configuration

Automate and instrument your marketing execution by using the software tools the way they were intended to be used. Let our team configure your marketing software stack and then train you how to use them. We have expertise with Hubspot, Mailchimp, SEMRush, Sales Navigator, Zoom Info, and many others.

Pricing and Packaging to Optimize Conversion, Retention, & Growth

Chances are that you’re leaving dollars on the table or impeding account expansion due to suboptimal pricing and packaging. Whether you sell direct or through channel partners, let us help you develop a pricing model that your customers and sales team will embrace and your CFO will applaud.

Campaign Execution & Lead Nurturing

We can help you automate and execute demand generation campaigns that drive top-of-funnel results or a hands-off email nurture program that converts leads into pipeline. Combine the brand and messaging elements with an already running lead generation campaign, ultimately giving you a marketing platform that can only improve as time goes on.

Marketing Team Recruiting, Hiring, and Onboarding

Ready to build your own internal B2B marketing team? Our talent management team will work with our Expansion Progam marketing experts to help you hire and onboard the right marketing leadership. You’ll look like a rock star when candidates see the infrastructure and best practices that you already have in place.

Customer Persona Development
Messaging & Positioning
Demand Generation Strategy
Campaign Execution & Lead Nurturing


Build a Foundation For a Winning Sales Team

A solid customer base is created one lead at a time. Our team of experts is ready to help your startup build the right processes, grow your pipeline, hire your team, nurture more leads, and close more deals.

Sales Methodology & Process Mapping

The science of scaling B2B selling starts with a process that systematically moves prospects to signed customers. Mapping the leanest versions of proven sales methodologies to your business by incorporating the “founder secret sauce” is the foundation for transitioning from a founder-led to scalable sales operation. We have experience helping startups adopt lean versions of MEDDPICC, BANT, and Sandler methodologies.

Rep Training & Performance

Transition your early sales success as a founder to your first sales hires without missing a beat. Handing off founder-led sales to new sales rep hires is one of the most difficult tasks in graduating from a Seed to Series A startup. We have a system and playbooks for helping you through that transition.

Tools Selection & Configuration

Your sales software tools should match your stage, budget, and sales process. We can help you select and configure the right tools for your sales organziation including your CRM (Salesforce, Hubspot), dialing and prospecting tools for SDRs and BDRs (Salesloft, Sales Navigator), and tools to help you step away from direct selling but still keep your fingers on the pulse of your sales team’s conversations (Gong,

Predictable & Accurate Forecasting

Throw away your gut instinct and probability-weighted forecasting methods that have you explaining to the board why you’re always behind plan. Once you have the sales funnel designed and instrumented, you’ll start using leading indicators like lead volume, meeting frequency, and sales funnel velocity to give you a realistic window into future bookings. Soon, you’ll be adjusting your marketing and sales activities well in advance of the end of your quarter to hit your forecasts.

Customer Contract Negotiation & Closing

Like the playbooks for sales and marketing, there are playbooks startups can use to streamline their process through the last mile of the sale to shave weeks or months off of their sales cycle. Let us help you navigate through your customers’ legal and procurement departments.

Sales Team Recruiting, Hiring, Onboarding

Jump start your sales team by leveraging our curated recruiters, and network of passive sales leaders, AEs and BDRs. Employ best practices in sales-behavior hiring and onboarding.

Sales Methodology & Process Mapping
Rep Training & Performance
Tools Selection & Configuration
Predictable & Accurate Forecasting
Customer Contract Negotiation & Closing


Forecast Accurately. Operate Confidently

Identify the path to optimal growth through the power of data analytics and modeling. Our team will help you track KPIs, perform financial forecasting, and develop dashboards so you can plan with confidence.

Data-Driven Financial Modeling & Forecasting

We lead a process of crafting data models according to the business goals, comparing them to industry benchmarks, and analyzing cohort performance and unit economics through the lens of market segmentation that creates new insights and direction. We’ll build your forecast model to stand up to the intense scrutiny of Series A and Series B investors.

Identifying Leading-Edge KPIs to Predict Revenue & Headcount

Gain insights that lead to company-specific leading-edge indicators that go beyond typical SaaS metrics to focus on the growth determinants for your business. When you have your leading edge KPIs defined and instrumented, you’ll have a window into the future to help inform what actions you need to take today to deliver the desired results next month and next quarter.

Integrated KPI Dashboard Development

Identify and ingest data attributes, resolving quality, and completeness issues to deliver the leading-edge KPIs, market segmentation economics, and business model that constitute your KPI Dashboard.

Operationalizing KPIs Across the Organization

We lead an effort to operationalize and instrument your marketing lead pursuit and sales journeys with well defined stages then build the “metrics calculator” and an automated process to regularly update your marketing, sales, and financial KPIs so you have 24/7 visibility into the metrics that matter the most.

Benchmarking, Scenario Modeling, and Runway Analytics

Drill into market segments and revenue channels to benchmark unit economics at the segment level and determine the optimal mix of “good revenue”, the target segment, channel and unit economics that will build a sustainable business.

What-If Scenario Modeling & SaaS Benchmarking

You should be able to easily model various what-if scenarios that impact your growth rate and cash runway. Once your business and KPIs are instrumented, you’ll be able to see which levers have the most the impact to revenue. Our companies frequently model the impact of changes to marketing spends, sales hires, pricing changes, billing terms, and more.

Data-Driven Financial Modeling & Forecasting
Integrated KPI Dashboard Development


Your Fractional Talent Manager

Build your Dream Team by attracting and hiring the best employees; building best-in-class recruiting processes; and developing your leadership team to meet the opportunity ahead.

Build Your Talent Management Best Practices

We’ll equip you with the best practices, frameworks and resources to elevate your existing recruiting processes and help eliminate the guesswork in finding and retaining the best talent.

Define and Develop Your Employer Brand and Culture

Boost your employer brand by articulating your company culture and driving alignment across multiple channels to increase company awareness and deliver a consistent, best in class candidate experience.

Gain Access to a World-Class Talent Database

Leverage Companyon’s database of talent, shared with the portfolio with free access through Lever. The Companyon Talent Manager will match talent in the database with upcoming job openings, leveraging venture partners and Companyon’s Expansion Team to fill the talent gaps while hiring.

Leverage Our Fractional Talent Manager

Meg Henry helps Companyon’s portfolio companies make their recruiting processes more effective at attracting and hiring the best employees; making the recruiting processes more efficient; and reducing the overall cost of recruiting and attrition. She works on a fractional basis for a small group of portfolio companies at a time.

Gain Access to a World-Class Talent Database
Leverage Our Fractional Talent Manager


Achieve an Outsized Series A

Our dedicated fundraising team will set you up to reach the next milestone in your fundraising goals by leading investor outreach, taking those first VC qualification calls, polishing your fundraising decks, performing due diligence, and more. Oh, and we’ll also get you set up with Venture Debt providers too.

Build a Compelling Pitch Deck

Lead your fundraising process with your best foot forward. We’ll take an active role in helping you build a compelling investor deck that resonates with Series A and B investors. When the slideware is done, we’ll also set up a friendly audience to hear your pitch and offer feedback so your live pitch hits home.

Build A Targeted VC List

We meet with over 250 VC funds each year to learn about their investing criteria which are opaque to most founders. We’ll short-list the ones that we think are the best match for you based on your sector, metrics, and round size. We’ll set up a shareable tracking sheet that you can also use with your other investors so everyone on your cap table can contribute in a coordinated manner.

Investor Outreach & Qualification

As a CEO, don’t put your business on hold while you spray and pray, trying to connect with random investors. After the target list is built, we’ll screen each VC and only pass you the introductions from funds who have read your deck and confirmed their interest.

Close Your Next Round

In parallel with the investor outreach, we’ll help you set up an institutional-grade data room so you can move from term sheet to close quickly and smoothly. We’re also there to help you along the way as a sounding board to ensure you’re getting market terms in your deal.

Secure Venture Debt

We also have dozens of Venture Debt providers in our network. We can help you augment your funding round by connecting you with relevant Venture Debt or Alternative Financing firms who have prequalified you.

Build A Relevant Target VC List
Investor Outreach & Qualification

A Diverse Team With a Wealth of Experience

We’re a diverse team of seasoned and successful B2B software entrepreneurs and investors who can offer your company diverse perspectives. We know what startups like yours need to grow, and we have the experience to prove it.

Team Photo

Don’t Just Take It From Us.

Hear about the Companyon’s differences straight from graduates of the Expansion Program.

"Meg Henry, Companyon's Head of Talent Management, drove our end to end talent acquisition process, which included our talent strategy, writing job descriptions, screening candidates, compensation design, issuing offer letters, and onboarding new hires. In our first year with Meg, we hired a full team of senior account executives, a BDR team, our marketing team, and a solution architect."


Co-Founder & CEO | Arpio

“Initially our lead flow was coming from LinkedIn outreach which was unscalable. Working with Companyon has really accelerated our ability to build a lead flow engine. We did not have this expertise internally.”


Co-Founder & CEO | Fullcast

“I was blown away by the depth and breadth of Companyon's hands-on expertise. Our first 90 days working with their GTM team day-to-day was transformational, and we tripled our ARR within 12 months.”


Founder & CEO | Apty

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