Where Vision Meets Velocity

We invest in audacious founders who have the vision and hustle to build category-defining software enterprises. We accelerate their growth by offering the most impactful embedded talent to deliver results, not just advice.

Who We Invest In

What we look for

We invest in capital-efficient B2B software startups with early product-market fit ($1M+ ARR) that are ready to scale and graduate from a founder-led GTM. We lead post-seed through Series A financings of $2M to $8M.

What we offer

A hands-on team helping you operationalize for scale by building repeatable, scalable operations through Talent Management, GTM execution, and Capital Markets guidance.


Make Execution Your Competitive Moat

We invest in capital-efficient B2B software startups crossing the chasm between Seed and Series A, where the only thing standing in the way of impressive growth is your ability to operationalize for scale.

Unlock a turnkey extension of your team that will show you a lean and mean approach to building the three most important functions at your stage: 1) Hiring and talent management. 2) Go-to-market execution. 3) Raising the right growth capital.

No BS, no grandstanding—just heads-down execution when you need it most.


A Few of Our Recent Investments

We choose startups through a highly selective process and are proud of our growing list of successful founders.


Stop Stressing and Start Scaling

After building and scaling our own startups, we honed our investing skills at Insight and OpenView, and now we’re bringing the same operating support to post-seed stage startups.

If you’re a founder and you’ve found yourself nodding your head at everything we’re saying, we’d love to connect with you.